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Привет! Мы, Константин Захарий и Мария Грицак,
пара фотографов из Украины, которые так же сильно любят фотографию, как и друг друга! 

Мы делаем легкие, светлые и воздушные снимки, с акцентом на эмоциях и чувствах! Предпочитаем снимать с естественным светом и считаем, что главное в кадре -  это любовь!

Опыт свадебных съемок у каждого более 10-ти лет, а начиная с 2014-го года, фотографируем только вдвоем. 

Ради вдохновения и красивых кадров любим путешествовать, а еще больше – снимать в путешествиях! 

За последние годы фотографировали красивейшие события в Италии, Франции, Испании, на Кипре, в Швейцарии, Украине, Грузии, Армении, Германии, Австрии.


Нас вдохновляют влюбленные люди, которые как и мы, ценят настоящие и искренние эмоции и друг-друга!

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"extremely professional, easy and always with a smile"

Villa Balbianello, Como



Ради вдохновения и красивых кадров любим путешествовать, а еще больше – снимать в путешествиях! Смотрите наши фотографии в инстаграмм по хэштэгу #костямашаworldwide 

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What our clients say about us and our work



Tamara & Igor

Kostia and Masha did a fantastic job for our wedding!

When we had initially started our search, we were looking at other photographers. However, when we saw their ‘stories,’ our choice was finalized.


The real selling point for me was that they could capture the bridal morning equally fantastic as catching a good shot when we were eating a cake or hugging our parents. Plus the real magic came when they managed to make us look pretty even after the 12h run and lots of happy tears.


We already had another photoshoot with Kostia and Masha on Etna Volcano - an excellent idea that they came up with and executed right away. I also recommended them to my friend who had a wedding in Sicily, and the result was, again, unbelievable. Everyone who saw the photos was complementing them over and over again.


So if you're looking for CREATIVITY, TRUE CONNECTION, AND OUTSTANDING RESULTS all combined, definitely the way to go!


I have a feeling that for us this is just the beginning of the long-lasting friendship. Can't wait for our next adventure together!

"extremely professional, easy and always with a smile"

Viktoria & Markus

A wedding​ is always a stressful day for a groom and a bride. Thanks to Konstantin and Mari this day was like a day of Hollywood celebrities. They were around as and caught the best moments of our day. Just like that, extremely professional, easy and always with a smile. After we received our pictures, we decided to have the wedding celebrations every decade! Thank you, Konstantin and Maria, your work is an art! Kisses from Berlin!

"So delicate, so positive, kind and cozy"

Aurélien & Veronika

I have found Maria and Kostya via Instagram. Even though their photos looked too perfect to be true, now we know for sure - everyone could be a part of their photo magic art. To be honest, the most important thing for me was how human you guys are! So delicate, so positive, kind and cozy. It was very comfortable to share our special day with you. And of course, the result was just amazing! All our guests, particularly French ones were super impressed with the photos you did. Special thanks for the love story and your attitude ?


Andrew & Melissa

Thanks again for everything Konstantyn! Truly blessed to have you and Maria assist us on our special day. I’m a true believer that everything happens for a reason and we’re happy we found you both to do our wedding photos. You two are very special and we wish you continued success. We will be waiting for you both in California to show you around!